Dance on Kee Studios, LLC was founded by Marquita Felton in 2018 as she was looking for a home for her youth majorette competition dance team, the Golden Pantherettes. After searching for a little while, the blessing of location and a home for her team came along.

Dance on Kee Studios, LLC is named after the deceased, Lakeisha “Kee” Felton, the older sister of Marquita. With a spiritual bond that could never be broken, sisterhood is very important to Marquita because she did not experience this biological gift on earth as most had. However, with her passion for dance, it brought sisterhood to her in a unique way. She met other females that had the same love for dance allowing her to bond and experience an aspect of sisterhood. The Golden Pantherettes inspired Marquita to name this studio after her sister when she realized the beauty in the sisterhood that her young dancers were forming. It gave her the life long opportunity to bring females together to bond through a passion and experience sisterhood.

Dance on Kee Studios, LLC believe in building relationships. We also believe that there is freedom in every step and dance move that you take. Here at Dance on Kee Studios, the goal is to build your confidence and inspire your soul. So start your journey with us today.



2459 Roosevelt Hwy #B17
College, Park GA 30337

Class Hours

6pm – 8:30 pm Monday -Wednesday; Friday
9am – 3pm Saturday

*Hours are subject to change.