Terms and conditions for classes at Dance on Kee Studios.


By purchasing this dance class pass, you agree to the following terms:

Credit Card/Bank Account Agreement

By registering and paying for Dance on Kee Studios classes, events, services, or products I hereby authorize Dance on Kee Studios, LLC to charge my credit card or bank account in advance for all applicable fees incurred by me in connection with my chosen service and registration. I hereby understand and agree that in most cases,  Dance on Kee Stuidos, LLC  will be charging my designated credit card or bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the service for which I have registered, but some service fees may accumulate on my credit card account or bank account before they are actually charged to my account. I further understand and agree that it is my responsibility to notify  Dance on Kee Studios, LLC of any changes to my credit card or bank account or if my credit card has expired otherwise my access to the Service may be discontinued or interrupted. All fees shall be paid in U.S. dollars.


Non Sufficient Funds

There will be a $35 fee charged for any returned checks or for non sufficient funds when transactions are withdrawn.


Sibling/Multiple class Discount Agreement

The sibling discount will be applied at the time of purchase.  I agree to pay the entire discount at the time of purchasing dance cards. Sibling discounts are only available on more than one class pass deals. Single class drop in are not valid for sibling discounts.

Communication Agreement

I agree to make communication between myself and the instructors of Dance on Kee Studios as open as possible by providing an e-mail address I know to be current. Furthermore, I agree to checking that e-mail frequently so that I may see any updates from my child’s instructor or my instructor.

Property Agreement

All class choreography and materials is the sole property of Dance on Kee Studios and may not be used for personal purposes outside of class unless written permission has been received from Marquita Felton and Dance on Kee Studios.

Release of Liability

I am the student or the parent or guardian of the student named above (hereinafter “the Student”).  I understand that there are known dangers and/or risks associated with the Student’s participation in classes, including any practices, performances and activities associated with it.  In consideration of the Student being allowed to participate, I hereby release Dance on Kee Studios LLC, Marquita Felton, and other representative, instructors, and/or volunteers from Dance on Kee Studios LLC (hereinafter “Dance On Kee Studios”) from all claims, damages, actions, lawsuits or judgments that I, the Student, the child’s heirs, executor of representative may have or hereafter have arising out of the Student’s participation.  Further, I agree to defend and indemnify Dance on Kee Studios from all claims by any person or entity arising out of the Student’s participation in the program.

Photography Release

I, the Student or guardian of student, grant unrestricted rights to Dance on Kee Studios, for the publishing of photographs or recordings of the Student for commercial, promotion, competition, or other purposes.


Policy Agreement

1, agree that I have read Dance on Kee Studios’ Policies and understand and accept their content.  They are listed below.  I agree to all the conditions mentioned in the Policies.


Class Sizes and Waiting List

Class sizes are set at a specific number in order for teachers and students to have an optimal experience. We keep classes small so that the student to teacher ration provided the best learning possible.  Spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Once a class is full, a student may sign up for the next available class.

Monthly Class Schedules

Class schedules will generally follow the Fulton County School District’s schedule. Instructors will let you know if they deviate from this schedule. If an instructor cancels a class due to weather or the instructors personal reasons, then that instructor will reschedule the class for another day.  At that point, it is a parents responsibility to attend the new time and day set by the instructor.  

Class Observation

As a courtesy to our dance parents and families, we do not allow parents to observe and watch your child’s class.  Many parents LOVE watching, but this can sometimes distract the child! However, the windows will be open at all time for observation outside of the dance area. This is for youth classes only. 


Registration is completed through the facility of where the class is held.  There are a couple exceptions to this.  Please check our website and purchase class passes from store. You may select you class at that time. You may also view our CLASS LIST PAGE.

Dance on Kee Studios




Monthly Unlimited Class Pass Due

Monthly unlimited class pass is due at the time of purchase. Monthly passes may be paid by monthly automatic payments.  Monthly Unlimited Classes will automatically be opt in a re-occurring payment plan for the 1st of each month. To cancel your monthly payments, please notify Dance on Kee Studios by the end of the month to cancel your next month payment. Passes that aren’t canceled before the 1st will not receive a refund. We do not pro-rate.

Sibling/Enrollment Discount

There is a 50% off the second pass for siblings. This is valid on our 5 Dance Class Pass and our Monthly Unlimited Classes. A third, fourth, etc, sibling or class will receive the same discount.

Scholarship Programs

We believe dancing is for EVERYONE!  Scholarships are available through Dance on Kee “ Sisters Sharing A Dance Bond” Program Scholarship fund.  Contact Marquita for more information.

Non Sufficient Funds

There will be a $35 fee charged for any returned checks or for non sufficient funds when transactions are withdrawn.

*This page and the information is subject to change without notice.